What can I do?

Like many, I came to the realization that climate change is an urgent problem much too late. While others were shouting warnings, organizing in NGOs, joining political parties, going vegan – I was wondering what I should study at university. My “conversion” started during my PhD. While my topic (Astrophysics) was completely unrelated, more and … More What can I do?

It takes courage to admit fear

In my first two blog posts I shared some of my fears. Of all the reactions I had mentally prepared for, there were two that I had not anticipated: People asking me why? Why would I put such personal posts out in the internet? Why not just write a diary? Friends and Family worrying about … More It takes courage to admit fear

I’m scared of blogging

Do you know that feeling, when you’ve discovered or realized something amazing… and you immediately want to tell EVERYONE you know about it? Those are the moments when I think: I should start a blog! Others are bound to find this interesting as well! This lasts about 5-10 minutes – then the doubts start kicking … More I’m scared of blogging

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