It takes courage to admit fear

In my first two blog posts I shared some of my fears. Of all the reactions I had mentally prepared for, there were two that I had not anticipated:

  1. People asking me why? Why would I put such personal posts out in the internet? Why not just write a diary?
  2. Friends and Family worrying about my lack of confidence.

As someone who considers herself as reasonably confident, I was a bit puzzled at first. But in retrospect, it makes sense:
We live in a world that admires strength and power. We hate to admit failure. Being seen as week, equates to being open to attack and exploitation. However, this mindset also leads to discrimination, abuse of power, unaddressed mental health problems, bad decisions, … you name it.

At the same time, everyone has fears. If you don’t, you’re probably very good at lying to yourself. What really matters is not whether we have fear – but what we do with it. Does it rule our lives? Do we ignore it? Or do we confront it heads-on?

It takes honesty to listen to our fear. It takes courage to admit our fear. It takes confidence to address fear. It takes power to overcome fear.

There is no strength without weakness. Fear and confidence don’t exclude each other. I can be scared AND courageous. I can look forward to something AND be afraid of it.

I want to live in a world where it’s OK to say “I’m afraid”. Where it’s OK to ask for help. And where it’s OK to say “I’m really good at this”. With my posts, I want to encourage people to just be who they are.

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